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HitomixTab-Kiss by splitpea202 HitomixTab-Kiss :iconsplitpea202:splitpea202 1 0 Felix Surana and Salem Tabris by splitpea202 Felix Surana and Salem Tabris :iconsplitpea202:splitpea202 0 0 Team we need an adult by splitpea202 Team we need an adult :iconsplitpea202:splitpea202 4 0 Salem Tabris by splitpea202 Salem Tabris :iconsplitpea202:splitpea202 2 0 Exo Force OC's Team 'We Need An Adult' by splitpea202 Exo Force OC's Team 'We Need An Adult' :iconsplitpea202:splitpea202 3 4
Tab and Tets fic
It just had to happen at night, didn't it, she thought sourly. The robots couldn't shut down for the night to cool down their systems or something, they just had to attack the base on the one night she didn't have patrol. They just Had to attack on the one night she agreed to go drag Felix out of the closet he called a lab so the asshole could get an actual night of sleep.
Because of course.
God she hated robots. And sirens, she mentally added, wincing as she ran under one of the screaming alarms. Her ears will be ringing all night. Goodbye sleep, she thought, it was nice even for a little while.
The sirens were drowned out by the sound of fighting and metal screeching as a hangar was forcibly opened when she entered a hallway to a side bay. The side bay where Felix had his little nook. She skittered to a stop and dove behind an oil drum as a robot mech was shot down inside. Thank god, she thought. She couldn’t fight that off. What did she have right
:iconsplitpea202:splitpea202 1 1
Exo force OC- Hotori by splitpea202 Exo force OC- Hotori :iconsplitpea202:splitpea202 3 0 Tab Has Emotions by splitpea202 Tab Has Emotions :iconsplitpea202:splitpea202 4 2 Skye puppy by splitpea202 Skye puppy :iconsplitpea202:splitpea202 1 0
How to Take Care of Your Pet Alien ch. 7
Ha-ya-to approached Salis quietly, trying to figure out a way to say that they could stay right now. How exactly do you comfort someone when they found out their way home was broken and couldn’t be fixed? The alien was still curled in a tight ball with their hands covering their head.
I hope They don’t mind hugs. He thought, flopping over the alien and wrapping his arms as far as he could in a hug. Good grief this alien was huge. He felt like a little kid hugging some massive dog.
“Hey.” He said to the alien, digging his chin into its shoulder. “Are you feeling okay?”
Salis twitched letting out a low whine. They moved their hand to look at him with one eye that looked like it was about to starting crying. “I am stranded. I am alone.”
“You’re not completely alone.” He protested, petting them behind the ear. “We’re here.”
Salis let out a teary giggle. “Funny little thing you are.”
:iconsplitpea202:splitpea202 0 0
How to Take Care of Your Pet Alien- Ch. 6
Ryou felt around the Room in the ship, trying to avoid crashing into anything, vaguely registering the Thunk Hikaru’s head made as it connected with the wall. “So what got broken in here? Also can we turn on a light? I can’t see anything.” He said, feeling around what felt like a control panel.
He pulled his hand back when he realized he was touching something he probably shouldn’t be. Who knew what was on this thing. He could accidentally get them all killed!
“If you would stand still, you would not have to worry about walking into walls.” Salis replied, sounding vaguely annoyed, “One moment and I can turn on emergency power.”
This was soon followed by Hikaru tripping over something.
“Okay, holding still now.” He squeaked, listening to the other two lose their shit and Hikaru groaning in shame.
Salis grumbled something then he heard a switch being flipped. With a hum, a soft purple tinted light came on. The room was kin
:iconsplitpea202:splitpea202 1 0
Hope kitty by splitpea202 Hope kitty :iconsplitpea202:splitpea202 0 0 Exo force- Tetsuya and Tab by splitpea202 Exo force- Tetsuya and Tab :iconsplitpea202:splitpea202 1 3
How to Take Care of your Pet Alien- Ch.5
Hikaru seriously looked like his eyes were about to fall out. Takeshi doubted he looked much better.
He was also sure that Ryou and Ha-ya-to had lost their minds.
“I vote we keep the alien.” Ha-ya-to had said and Ryou nodded a few seconds after.
“Are you two for real?” He managed to get out sounding much calmer than he actually was. The day had barely begun and he was ready to go back to bed. For fucks sake, they hadn’t even been moving really!
God he wished he was back at the Golden city. No one THERE had to deal with space aliens!
“Well yeah.” Ha-ya-to said and Ryou nodded again.
“How is that a good idea…?” Hikaru got out sounding vaguely like the one engineer who always stuttered. Though with Hikaru it was probably due to his brain trying to comprehend the stupidity of this plan the other two had come up with, rather than nerves.
Takeshi gave up. And promptly thre
:iconsplitpea202:splitpea202 1 2
How to Take Care of your Pet Alien- Ch.4
Breakfast was awkward.
Well more just before breakfast was awkward. They had lots of questions for Salis but they all kept trying to ask at once and after the little facial expression thing, Ha-ya-to didn’t want to ask right away.
“So how can you speak our language now?” Ryou had blurted out after the alien introduced themselves.
The alien startles a bit the rumbled in what he was 95% sure was a chuckle. They tapped their head.
“Meeran interference. Different species from my kind. They are usually diplomats. Cannot do that if you cannot speak the language at least somewhat. They created an implant that scans the brain,” They tapped their head again, “Upon contact and the right intentions to activate it. It is invasive unfortunately- it is not perfect and is preferred to learn language traditionally- but sometimes it is best option. I do not wish to die here. Needed to learn quick.” They ducked their head a bit. “Apologies for any fear and
:iconsplitpea202:splitpea202 2 5
Exo Force OC'S Felix, Tab, Isaiah by splitpea202 Exo Force OC'S Felix, Tab, Isaiah :iconsplitpea202:splitpea202 3 6


Aira Windwhistler by EandPi233 Aira Windwhistler :iconeandpi233:EandPi233 23 5 LEGO Exo-Force - Studio MIR style by RRproAni LEGO Exo-Force - Studio MIR style :iconrrproani:RRproAni 45 10 Game of Thrones: Dracarys by theDURRRRIAN Game of Thrones: Dracarys :iconthedurrrrian:theDURRRRIAN 7,046 150 Ninjago Reboot - Round 3 by RRproAni Ninjago Reboot - Round 3 :iconrrproani:RRproAni 106 13 Sailor Moon Squad by daekazu Sailor Moon Squad :icondaekazu:daekazu 1,548 57 Sword of the Silver Crystal by briannacherrygarcia Sword of the Silver Crystal :iconbriannacherrygarcia:briannacherrygarcia 2,317 67 I N  T O O  D E E P by RRproAni I N T O O D E E P :iconrrproani:RRproAni 18 1 Widowmaker Bounty Hunter skin by RinRinDaishi Widowmaker Bounty Hunter skin :iconrinrindaishi:RinRinDaishi 345 14 Cole by Linnpuzzle Cole :iconlinnpuzzle:Linnpuzzle 175 28 Pose -F- by Asteltainn Pose -F- :iconasteltainn:Asteltainn 5,431 98 wonder woman by m7781 wonder woman :iconm7781:m7781 464 51 Dr Strange by Abz-J-Harding Dr Strange :iconabz-j-harding:Abz-J-Harding 702 18 Lady and Slamander by Hellobaby Lady and Slamander :iconhellobaby:Hellobaby 575 8 Heith - Evolution AU by spock-sickle Heith - Evolution AU :iconspock-sickle:spock-sickle 45 5 Rick - Pride Jacket by RRproAni Rick - Pride Jacket :iconrrproani:RRproAni 14 1 Wonder Woman in No Man's Land by lenadrofranci Wonder Woman in No Man's Land :iconlenadrofranci:lenadrofranci 1,299 61
Stuff I like. :3




"This session's gonna be awesome" I say before we enter the Superhero game session where my character gets fucking mauled by a bloodthirsty Tony the Tiger that wears body armor
No one better get to injured next session, Hemacrit's out of commission until she heals herself out of a coma
So the new overwatch map looks fucking awesome I may need to start playing again
(and maybe find something so I don't get a mini panic attack everytime a new round starts too fast)
I ship it, fuck only having one ship, multiverse, I do what I want, I Am god in my 'verses, and I felt bad for making Tab have a crush that would never turn into more, so here take it
(and this was again drawn a while ago, but thing is?? For some reason I really didn't want to show people? I think it's the fact I fucked up on the anatomy and I know I did and just really tired and didn't color it until 3 weeks after I actually drew it. I accidentally made Hitomi taller than Tab too, I actually imagine she's an inch or two shorter and oh well, I give up, I'm not redrawing it, fuck you this took me a combined 3 hours to do because I kept fucking up on the actual faces which is what I was trying to focus on getting better at)
Exo-Force belongs to Lego
Tab is mine, hitomi is NOT mine
Felix Surana and Salem Tabris
Ok I've honestly had this done for months. I've been avoiding posting it mainly because I haven't been getting good pictures (still no scanner, had to put this in the window sill to get good lighting without a shadow blocking half of it) and I just-
Really didn't want to do anything
At all
but these are two of my Favorite wardens I made for Dragon Age Origins. Salem is my favorite, my little rogue city elf and Felix is the runner up, the mage who wants to learn everything even if it gets him into trouble.
I realize Salem probably doesn't have very rogue like armor, but honestly just the way I played was very in combat and front lines, she's sneaky but really likes being in the fray, so needed a bit more armor than the typical rogue leathers.
Dragon Age belongs to Bioware
In the Exo-Force fandom
  • Everyone is super OC friendly
    • Like for real, I have never seen a more OC friendly fandom, even from a fandom where literally the main character is one you make up and decide their personality and looks
  • Everyone loves Ryo
    • I can see why
    • I love him I swear
    • Just I liked the green haired asshole first for some reason 
    • I was a strange kid, so I got more headcanons for the green haired dick than the others
  • Hitomi is perfect everyone agrees
    • She's amazing and doesn't deserve how Lego shafted her
    • At all
  • Everyone writes Ryo throwing screwdrivers at people
    • I don't know where this came from???
    • Why
    • Was there something in the books I missed, he seems too nice in the comics?
    • Someone plz explain
  • People are eternally salty about Lego as the company in general
  • Fandom is very small
  • The people are nice
That is all

  • Listening to: Breakout by Celldweller
  • Reading: Blindsprings
  • Drinking: water


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I'm a mess of a human being but I try my best.
Mostly draw in pencils and markers. Try a little photography but I'm not very good at it.
I don't do it much now that I have college, but I try to get in the odd doodle.


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